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Business Focus: Modefi Salon, Littleton

Interview with Richard Morrill, Modefi founder and stylist

How did you get involved in this business? 
I knew early on that I had a talent for styling hair. I was the kid who spent his recess in the bathroom combing through his hair to get it just right. I started beauty school at the age of 15 when I was still in high school. I was already playing in a successful band in Hollywood and had a dream of becoming a rock star. But, my passion was cutting and styling hair. I was able to do both for a while before I committed to hair full time. I had to follow my heart.

What distinguishes you from other businesses in your category? 
Modefi is more than just a hair salon. We truly understand how our dry environment in Colorado affects hair and we have created an exclusive hair care product line to combat the damage it causes. We started with winterizing treatments for our clients to utilize during the harsh winters. We then developed treatments for the dry and hot summer months. Hair needs moisture. That’s why we collaborated with a chemist for the last four years to develop our Modefi line of products. All of our products were designed for use in our specific microclimate. It makes us unique among other salons.

What do you like best about your line of work? 
I’m an artistic person. I’m the architect, the designer and the builder. It’s my creative outlet. I can look at a client and plan an incredible new look for them in just 30 seconds. I can help someone feel better about themselves in under an hour. It’s unbelievable how rewarding and fulfilling my career has been for me.

What is your business’ biggest challenge? 
Planning and achieving our growth goals. Modefi will one day be a national brand. Our products will be designed for specific regions and will be available across the country. We don’t want to grow too quickly and lose sight of our mission. Our products are unique. Our products have been formulated for our specific climate. We don’t want to forget why we created Modefi in the first place just so we can have national distribution.

Something people might be surprised to learn about you or your business: 
An appointment at Modefi is not a therapy or gossip session. Sure, we have a lot fun. But, our clients truly want to learn more about their specific types of hair, how to style it, new trends in hairstyling, what products would work best for them, which products to avoid and ultimately, what they want their hair to look like and how it can embody their personalities. It’s always a surprise to new clients that we are more interested in how they take care of their hair, and what their goals are, as opposed to just chatting to pass the time.