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Iteeze Hair Styler


 Tools like brushes or combs you have to rat your hair repeatedly creating damage to your hair, but not with the iTeeze with one push (two if you're feeling wild) you can create volume that lasts all day. The iTeeze is gentle on your hair and is very easy to use. iTeeze was developed and patented by Richard Morrill celebrity hair stylist from LA now living with his wife and 3 kids in Denver, with two decades of hair styling experience he was able to see a problem and fix it, the iTeeze was also rated #1 new industry tool by the United States hairdressers guild for overall ease of use and design. So how does iTeeze work? It's simple physics mass +energy equals volume, and the iTeeze is a massive comb with teeth really close together perfect for all hair types: straight, curly, thick or thin. iTeeze comes in two sizes Large and Small making the iTeeze easy to use. Don't struggle any longer trying to achieve perfect volume, trust your hair to iTeeze.



Custom Hair Color Kit